Monk is the new musical tool that will let you easily understand the inner workings of music.
It has a huge library with lots of scales and chords for you to explore.

No more secrets in music. With its amazing user interface you will be able to rapidly get a glance of how notes are related inside any scale or chord.

Transpose, change the scales, play with chord inversions, take a look at the staff, all in the same screen. No more complicated hidden menus. Every piece of information is available in the main screen for you to get the bigger picture.

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Learn new Scales, Chords. Transpose everything.

Monk allows you to easily see how scales and chords are composed and it also has support for modes, making it easier to find relative scales. Discover new scales and chords with Monk's extensive library and transpose quickly any scale or chord.

Inverse Scales & Chords finder

Find any Scale or Chord by selecting specific notes. You will be able to select a specific accuracy to filter the search results and even select which note is the root of the scale or chord you're searching. Once found, play the scale or chord and listen to it.

Amazing Polyphonic Keyboard and Chord Inversions

Monk lets you play all the notes in its multitouch keyboard. Enjoy some improvisation time! Plus, Monk offers you support for up to 5 chord inversions.

Other Features

Staff Display
Monk has a staff where you will be able to see the notes of the scale, chord and key signature of the scale.
Bass Clef Support
Monk has support for Bass Clef and you will be able to switch between Treble and Bass any time.
Intervals & Degrees
Visualize at a glance the intervals and degrees of any scale and access directly to the degree related chords..

Monk offers in-app purchase experience (Only Windows versions)


Full Experience

This is what you get for free:
  • Limited to 7 Scales but all Chords available.
  • Inverse Scale Search.
    (Limited to 2 notes in Lite version)
  • Inverse Chord Search.
    (Limited to 2 notes in Lite version)
  • Intervals and degrees visualization.
  • Staff for Scales, Chords and Key Signatures.
  • UI sound effects added.
  • But You can get all this:
    • Great Scale and Chord Library
    • Polyphonic and Multitouch Piano.
    • Inverse Scale Search.
    • Inverse Chord Search.
    • Intervals and degrees visualization.
    • Support for Modes.
    • Support for Chord Piano Inversions.
    • Support for alterations ambiguity resolution.
    • Staff for Scales, Chords and Key Signatures.
    • Treble/Bass Clef Staff.
    • UI sound effects added.
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